Our Mission.

Darkness descended on the world, and under its shadow, beauty – true beauty, elegant, original, radiant in its simplicity – succumbed to a fever sleep of restless dreams. Design became a labor – commodified, codified, institutionalized by monstrous giants that lorded over every craft, vanquishing ingenuity in favor of a numbing sameness. In short, they launched a concerted, global effort to dull and homogenize art. To commodify it. And guided by but a flickering light, we lost sight of what thrilled us. Of the treasures that accentuated our lives and expressed, in substance, the secret hopes and dreams that made life worth living.

We forgot. We grew complacent, gave in to convenience. We compromised. We pointed and clicked, pointed and clicked, pointed and clicked. And to the rhythm of this zombie cadence, we ourselves fell victim to the shadow sleep. We yielded to conformity, squinted after our individuality as sunk into the acid bath of the mass produced, of the disposable.

Yet somewhere, somehow, true art lived on. Eternal and immutable, it hid in dark corners, incubated by the black and fertile soil that was too low for the giants to taste, to sniff. In the deepest shadows, artists grew new eyes. They learned to see, to spread and thrive with no light, revealing themselves only to those lucky or crafty or wealthy enough to know where to dig. And in this way, art became the currency of luxury, valued for its beauty, yes, but more for its scarcity. And every now and then, we caught a glimpse of it, a flash of lightning, a jolt to our monotony. And for that brief moment, our hearts fluttered, our spirits rose with the hope that art still lived. Though it remained widely unattainable.

Unattainable until now. Welcome to VIPOP, the online showcase for fresh designers, for artists, rising like new from the shadows. Welcome to our world, to our passion. Welcome to a band of connoisseurs, of dreamers, who live to share their secret treasures with you, and recommend the right choices and styles for your unique lifestyle. Welcome to the rebirth of design – cool, accessible, affordable. Welcome, friends, welcome. Welcome to VIPOP. Welcome home.

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